Screen Printing About

Screen Printing is the process of pushing ink through screens to make your design. Each color of your design will have it's own screen. For example, if you have 3 colors in your design, we will need to use 3 screens.
Screen Printing is one of the most popular forms of printing. Screen printing can also be one of the most profitable forms of printing for fundraising.
Our steps for completing your Screen Printing Job:
1) Build a Quote
We will need information from you in order to build your quote. We will need artwork see artwork so that we can calculate what will be needed. If you don't have artwork, a hand drawing or picture will do but we will need to recreate the art, which has a fee. We will also need to know what merchandise you will want your art on - Brand, Style, Color, Size and Quantity.
2) Invoice and Post Payment
Once we discuss your art and figure out what items you would like your artwork to be on, we will send you a detailed estimate. We do require payment prior to any start of production.
3) Your Order Process Begins
If you order consists of items that we do not have in-house, we order the necessary items from our vendor(s). Our artist also makes the finishing touches to your art or creates your art from your hand drawing.
4) Approve Mock Up
We send you finalized artwork via a Mock Up, which will showcase your logo on the desired items and print locations. You may make any changes up to this point.
5) Run the Presses
Once your art is finalized, we print each color to film. We then burn the image on to the screens. Once your screens are set up and each screen has the appropriate color ink, we run a sample on cloth. Normally, we do not offer sample prints on shirts due to the delay it would cause to wait for approval while having our machine(s) tied up. 
6) Pick Up / Ship
Once your order is complete, it is checked for any extra ink blemishes and overall look. We will then contact you that your order is ready and we will either ship or package your order up for pick up.
Things to keep in mind: Screen Printing is mainly done by hand (unless an automatic machine is being used), yet the placement of apparel is still done by hand. It is impossible for each t-shirt to have the same exact print location. It is the 'industry tolerance' for 1/2 of an inch in any direction. Though, it is attempted to have each item the same, there may be instances.