Working With Us

Thank you for considering South Bay Custom Printing LLC for your merchandising needs!

The information below will outline how we sell School/PTA/Sports merchandise online, via out Official School Spirit Wear website.


Pricing is dependent on what your goal is. Does your school want to make a  profit? Does your school not want to make a profit and have the pricing be as affordable as possible to all students?

You may notice that some prices vary from school to school - this is upon agreements with the member representing the school or PTA.


Though we love to fill bulk orders, we can do 'one-offs' for online orders. For the online/one-off orders, we will normally keep a limited amount of stocked items in each variation (size, color, etc.). This is is important to us so that we can ship orders out within the 1-3 days of when the order is placed.

There are instances in which we may sell out, however since we do our own printing, we will fill any necessary items as soon as practical.

There may be instances in which we are unable to fill the exact same item, due to the blank item(s) not being available. In these cases, we reserve the right to change the blank item to a comparable style or color.

Sales and Logs

If requested, we will keep a sales sheet for your review. The sales sheet will provide information for sales of the items that you wish to offer. This helps to see how your merchandise flow is.

Sales sheets will consist of the following information: Date of Order, Order Number, Customer's Last and First Name, Shipping Date, Tracking Number, Item Sold, Size of Item, Quantity, Price Sold At and, if necessary, the amount of money that the school will receive for that order.

The sales sheet will be updated as practical as possible and available at all times via a Dropbox link. In order for you to view your Dropbox link, we will need the email address of any and all personnel that you wish to have access to it.

Payments from Sales

If your program chooses to receive a profit (or payments from sales), we can issue payments via check, bank transfer or any other agreed upon form. We process payments for orders on or around the 15th of the following month. This allows us time for updating the sales sheets and/or handling any sort of return or exchange of an item. For example, orders placed in July will be paid out on or around August 15th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to help make the whole process of merchandising easier for you.